Affordable self pay ultrasound services  3d/4d babyface  diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound health screenings

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Your healthcare provider may order an ultrasound if you are having pain, swelling or other symptoms  that requires an internal view of organs, vessels and tissue.

Our mission is to provide you with peace of  mind by offering quality imaging service at an affordable price.

Allow us to help reduce your out of pocket medical cost. 



Prevention  is the key to healthy living and with our services you can be proactive in your health wellness by taking advantage of our ultrasound health screening.

We provide an affordable ultrasound health screening service, that can detect many illnesses and diseases before the symptoms present themselves.

You can make an appointment for any of our ultrasound health screenings Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm. 

No referral is required from your healthcare provider.  Patient without health insurance Welcome.

Your results are read by a board-certified Radiologist with quick and accurate 24 hour turnaround time.

If an abnormality is found we will notify you by telephone. If you do not have a healthcare provider we will provide  you with a list of health clinics and physicians to chose from.



Prince  or Princess

Can't wait to find out?

We will be glad to tell you if you are 15 weeks.

30 minute sessions

2D images and one 3d image download to a USB flashdrive.

Peace Of Mind    $25

Feeling Anxious, prior miscarriage.

Listen to Heartbeat  

Observe baby's movements.

Fetal position

15 minute session.

2D images download to USB flashdrive.

Early Ultrasound  $35

Pregnancy verification

5-12 weeks

No sex determination

Determine gestational age

2D only

Fetal Evaluation  $35

No more insured ultrasound

2nd-3rd Trimester

View of the anatomy

Estimated fetal weight

Fetal position

Gender if visible

3D/4D BabyFace  $55

Can be done anytime of pregnancy

(Optimal time 29-35 weeks)

Gender upon request

Estimated fetal weight

Listen to heartbeat

Images download to USB flashdrive

Call 352 379-9395 and see your baby today while he or she is still in the womb.

About Us

Why Our Lab

Happy Heart Imaging Service is a full ultrasound imaging facility conveniently located on  North West 8th Avenue in Gainesville, Florida. 

We offer cost-effective, affordable, self pay ultrasound imaging services available for the uninsured,  ultrasound exam not  covered by your insurance provider, have high insurance deductible,  non US citizen, or maybe you have not met your share of cost.

Our prices can ease your financial burden and help you get that needed test as recommended by  your healthcare provider.

How We Help

Our state of the art  ultrasound technology  are design to detect diseased or damaged tissues, locate abnormal growths and identify a wide variety of conditions, enabling our highly skilled board certified Radiologist to make a quick and accurate diagnosis for treatment

Happy Heart Imaging Service can help by providing superior  image  quality, no sliding scale or payment plan thus keeping the price reduced and affordable.  Radiologist reading fees are included in our prices.  Same day turn around time for reports.

Experience the Difference

At our facility we offer affordable  Diagnostic ultrasound exams,  Health screening ultrasound tests  and 3D/4D  babyface  sonograms in a patient centered environment.

 Our knowledgeable and friendly team is dedicated to compassionate and personal approach to patient care.

Your  ultrasound exam will always be performed in a warm caring environment by our  friendly and highly trained techs.  We offer the best  cash pay on our ultrasound exams.  


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